Colombia kindles eyebrows at advised restrictions on natural health things

The Health Ministry of Colombia has declared pending confinements on a number of highly used natural health merchandise that are not limited in any other nation in the world. Representatives of Ministry of Health as well as INVIMA, Colombian government organization that deals with food and health products, met with the Colombian naturist Federation and National Association of naturists this week to negotiate new legislation that might need a doctors prescription for ordinarily used flowers and herbs contained in several natural health products.
More than forty plants as well as natural products like Glucosamine, Echinacea and Valerian, all of which could be purchased legally in United States, are all set to be restricted products, and available just to those who first look for a medical prescription from a doctor.

Travel companies gets a boost from England’s early World cup exit

The North-West travel agents are among those who got some benefit from England’s quick exit from the Brazil World Cup, shows a recent survey. The failure of the team is expected to cost the England economy around £1.2 billion as the celebratory time is cut accidentally short.

The travel agents of the region is all set to benefit, but sports retailers, bookmakers and pubs would lose out on forecast revenues throughout the whole region, as per a review by Begbies Traynor, the corporate recovery specialists.

In Manchester, Gary Lee, the partner at Begbies Traynor, told that bookmakers might be pleased that those optimists who augured an England win have lost their stake already, mainly as this was the first time England has been knocked out of the World Cup football tournament in the group stage since 1958, but they would miss out as betting levels now tail off.

Newly found Wyoming mule deer migrates farthest in the world; researchers

Every spring, a mule deer herd leaves Red Desert and goes after a trail of greening grass as well as crawfishing snow along west slope of Wind River Range. Few months after, the animals come in Hoback Basin, south of Jackson, over hundred and fifty miles away.
Now, this is the farthest recorded mule deer migration in anywhere in the world  it is an ancient ritual which is quite vital to the long-term survival of iconic mule deer populations in the Wyoming region. The journey from the desert to the huge mountains takes the herd over fences and across roads and passageways flanked by lakes and towns. There is no wilderness or national parks that offer them a perfect refuge.

Jacksonville set to be the next Silicon Valley

Jacksonville is turning into a hotspot for entrepreneurs. This is a city that can make an entrepreneur’s dream come true. Recently, it has been noticed that early stage businesses are taking serious note of the city’s emerging startup scene. It offers a whole lot of things that other cities like New York and Silicon Valley cannot offer – like, labor costs, a young population, low taxes as well as superb quality of life.

Above all these, this city offers a very easy access to private venture capital funding and it also has an increasing population of high net-worth retirees who are looking to put their money in innovative companies. These are right matches for young innovators.

Office of Economic Development’s chief executive officer and executive director Ted Carter told that Jacksonville has a young ecosystem which is very welcoming to new business and innovation. This place offers unlimited opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Weather delays air travel

Cold weather has severely hit travel programs earlier on Friday. 8 flights were called off the Jacksonville International Airport were canceled and more than twelve flights were cancelled, said reports.

Some of the travelers stated that they are very frustrated with the situation, but they could not do anything without it. One of the travelers told that he is trying to go to Philadelphia with his family. Their 6.30 am flight had been called off; now, they do not known what to do. He told that earliest they could get a flight was tonight, not getting them there till midnight.

With no option, several travelers have decided to camp inside the Jacksonville International Airport. But no one is still sure whether their evening flight would leave the Jacksonville International Airport or not. The airport authorities have not been able to say anything regarding flight cancellation pr delay.

Jacksonville asks businesses to bring more visitors

The stage was encircled by slick and choreographed speeches, flashy videos on big screens and sparkling settings, as Visit Jacksonville honored local leaders and businesses who served to attract more tourists in the region last year. Along with a bit of cheerleading, there was some urging for the community leaders to do more.

On Wednesday, the Destination Celebration event took place at Prime Osborn Convention Center. It was also a new call for business leaders, their associates and employees to work on bringing more visitors to the 1st Coast. Paul Astlef, the Visit Jacksonville chief executive officer and president, introduced his Bring It Home plan to an audience of around three hundred people.