Weather delays air travel

Cold weather has severely hit travel programs earlier on Friday. 8 flights were called off the Jacksonville International Airport were canceled and more than twelve flights were cancelled, said reports.

Some of the travelers stated that they are very frustrated with the situation, but they could not do anything without it. One of the travelers told that he is trying to go to Philadelphia with his family. Their 6.30 am flight had been called off; now, they do not known what to do. He told that earliest they could get a flight was tonight, not getting them there till midnight.

With no option, several travelers have decided to camp inside the Jacksonville International Airport. But no one is still sure whether their evening flight would leave the Jacksonville International Airport or not. The airport authorities have not been able to say anything regarding flight cancellation pr delay.

Jacksonville asks businesses to bring more visitors

The stage was encircled by slick and choreographed speeches, flashy videos on big screens and sparkling settings, as Visit Jacksonville honored local leaders and businesses who served to attract more tourists in the region last year. Along with a bit of cheerleading, there was some urging for the community leaders to do more.

On Wednesday, the Destination Celebration event took place at Prime Osborn Convention Center. It was also a new call for business leaders, their associates and employees to work on bringing more visitors to the 1st Coast. Paul Astlef, the Visit Jacksonville chief executive officer and president, introduced his Bring It Home plan to an audience of around three hundred people.

Jacksonville airport’s art works

When Jacksonville Aviation Authority showed Amy Cheng’s wall paintings Celestial Playground in July, the collection along with the presence of 2 galleries as well as 8 cases that exhibit art on loan. It has pulled in some favorable care to Jacksonville International airport in recent years.

In the year 2011, London Observer called Jacksonville airport one of the 4 top airports. The other three airports were Airport Schiphol in Amsterdam, Seoul Airport in South Korea and Heathrow Airport in London.

David Engdahl told that having art in an airport has become very. Just to be competitive as an airport one has to have it. The impression a lot people get of a city is from what the airport looks like. Art enhances what is otherwise a pretty utilitarian space.

In the year 2011, a leading New York news paper noted an increasing trend that airports using art to offer entertainment and education in an environment dismissed as an anxiety bringing on no man’s land.

Closed for Fourth of July

Several offices in Jacksonville were closed for 4th July, America's Independence Day. Several Northeast Florida government's non-emergency offices were closed Thursday in observance of this national holiday. Credit unions, banks and financial markets were closed. The buses of Jacksonville Transportation Authority will operate on a general Sunday schedule.

Public libraries in Nassau, Clay, Duval, Putnam and Baker counties were also shut down Thursday. St. Johns County libraries were shut through the whole weekend, reopening on Monday. The Museum of Science and History, the Maritime Museum and the Jacksonville zoo were open on Thursday.

Animals adopted from 1st June through 15th July from the Jacksonville Humane Society would be eligible to take part in ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge photo competition.

Bratton wins 100 and 4x100 races

The weather was not really preferable to Reggie Bratton and the right leg of the Jacksonville High School senior was not hundred percent healthy. But Reggie still had his time in the sun on a rainy and cool Saturday at the O’Brien Stadium of the Eastern Illinois University.

After successfully defending the hundred meter dash title as well as securing the Crimsons to a 2nd straight 4 x 100 relay title at Class 2A Boys State Track and Field Meet, he told that it has been quite a crazy weekend for him. First it was his hamstring, and later it was the bad weather. He added that he does not like these conditions. He could not run in the cold or the rain. It was really awful. If the weather had been better, he would have run a faster time, for sure.

Jacksonville runners give Boston Marathon victims long-distance hugs

Organizers had actually expected to have two hundred people to take part in a run at the St. Johns Town Center in Jacksonville on Monday to benefit the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. However, 30 minutes before, the the number of registration puffed up to 2400 and the Runners for Boston T-shirts sales has already reached a figure of around US$ 38000 and still counting.

Fifty two year old Myrna Brannon ran with her husband Mike Brannon, both are avid Neptune Beach runners. Myrna Brannon told that they could not be there; we could not help; they could not even give the victims a hug. But now this is their long distance hug.